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About the Author

Hello! I’m Lisa, the voice and spirit behind The Homesteading Way blog. My journey into homesteading began several years ago on a tranquil 5-acre piece of land in northern Michigan. Each passing year has seen my passion for a self-sufficient lifestyle grow as I’ve nurtured and developed my homestead with my husband and two children. It all started with a no-dig garden and a flock of 20 chickens.

My 20×40 no-dig garden & chicken tractor.

Transforming our land into what is now known as North Heart Homestead has been a true labor of love. We’ve cleared 3.5 acres of hardwood to create space for a thriving permaculture orchard, expansive garden plots, and pasture space. The introduction of Nigerian Dwarf goats has been a delightful addition, bringing both charm and utility to our daily routines.

My goats exploring the new pasture.

I’m deeply passionate about the homesteading lifestyle. When I’m not busy in the garden, tending to my goats, or wrangling chickens, you’ll often find me in the kitchen, my creative haven. Here, with my trusty sourdough starter Dodie, and a cup of coffee, I create wholesome baked goods that embody the spirit of homestead living.

My kitchen adventures also extend to preserving the bounty of our land. From crafting herbal balms to canning seasonal produce, these practices blend tradition with sustainable living. Each baked loaf, preserved jar, and herbal balm reflects the rich, fulfilling essence of our connection to nature and the self-reliant homesteading lifestyle.

Our newly planted permaculture orchard. We planted 29 fruit trees, 34 shrubs, and various herbs and perennials throughout each row.

Join me on this journey as I share experiences, insights, and tips from my life at North Heart Homestead. We’re also excited to connect with you through our new social media accounts! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for regular updates, photos, and homesteading inspiration.

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